Overseas Taoli Cup Regional Dance Competition


比赛: 9:00am -3:00pm
颁奖及精品节目展演: 6:00pm (5:30pm 观众进场)

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The 2016-17 Midwestern Division regional competition of the Overseas Taoli Cup will be held in Chicago in October this year. This will be the second annual international dance competition and the prestigious Professor Pan Zhitao from the Beijing Dance Academy will be one of the judges.

The Overseas Taoli Cup Dance Competition is created by renowned dance educator, Pan Zhitao, who founded the original Taoli Cup. The competition hopes to discover and cultivate new talent. More importantly, it aims to demonstrate the achievements of dance instructors in China and overseas, foster exchange of experiences in education and choreography, promote higher level teaching and performing, stimulate new dance creations, and propel dance development in China as well as overseas. This international dance competition will serve as a platform for Chinese dance to inspire the world and take it by storm. The committee will periodically organize shows to tour internationally, with the goal of bringing the art of Chinese dance to the world stage.

On January 30th, 2016, the Global finals for the 2015-16 year was held in Los Angeles, CA. There were a number of preliminary finalists from the North American and Asian Divisions, showcasing Chinese classical and folk dance along with Western styles like ballet and modern. It was a truly unifying experience, personifying the mission of the competition, showing support and progress from both nations.

Compared to last year’s competition, this year covers even more ground. There will be three regionals in America: in the East, Midwest, and the West, and anyone can participate. Whether you are a casual lover of dance or a well-trained professional, a graceful adult or a vibrant child, as long as you dance full of passion and love, then the Taoli Cup can be your stage. A more luxurious mentor line-up, a more beautiful atmosphere, a more personalized service, this competition is bound to be amazing. Registration has already started and we invite every one of you to join us in this sure to be inspiring experience.






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