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Asian American Cultural Exchange (AACE) is a Chicago Based nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, set up in 2014 with purpose of

  • To promote cultural exchange between China, Asia and United States with emphasis on the culture, dance, dance education, performing arts.
  • To develop and promote traditional Chinese folk dance and folk music in the local communities through public performances, participatory events and shows.
  • To provide a unique performance and educational opportunity for art lovers, including local American disadvantaged kids, young dancers, students, and adults who are interested in the Chinese culture, arts, dance and community service.
  • To organize and coordinate short term cross-country cultural exchange program for kids and adults.
  • To maintain strong connection with the communities.
  • To create an environment where Chinese Americans can embrace their traditions in culture and the arts, at the same time, provide an opportunity for Americans to experience and learn about Asian traditions and culture.

Since its inception, AACE has been actively engaging in community service. AACE has been working with local Chicago dance companies/schools to organize vigorous Chinese and western dance training for children who have a passion for Asian and Chinese arts. In addition, AACE allows American born Chinese teenage dancers to experience the culture. These talented young artists have proudly shared this cultural gem with a large variety of audiences through their frequent out-reaches and performances.


  • 促进中国, 亚洲及美国间文化,艺术,艺术教育的推广和交流。
  • 通过在美国社区表演展示,发展和传播中国古典音乐舞蹈,中国民族民间音乐舞蹈。
  • 为美国每一位热爱中国文化艺术的成年人,孩子包括美国当地低收入家庭的孩子们提供学习了解中国文化、艺术和为社区服务, 展示所学的机会。
  • 为中美两国文化艺术爱好者和艺术家组织协调跨文化、跨国家、跨洲际的文化艺术交流活动。
  • 与当地社区保持紧密联系, 更好为社区服务。
  • 既为在美华人创造中国家乡文化艺术环境的同时也为美国当地人群提供了解和学习中国文化艺术的平台。

亚美文化交流在创建后积极参与社区活动。 目前与芝加哥当地舞蹈团合作为在美的华人青少年量身定做中西舞蹈培训项目。 让这些有艺术热情和才华的孩子通过学习成为今后中美的艺术交流活动的使者。 同时,亚美文化邀请中国有成就的青年舞蹈家和编舞来美与久负盛名的芝加哥当地现代舞团就中美舞蹈理念,表现方式,舞蹈技巧,舞蹈理解切磋和交流。

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