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PanZhiTaoProfessor Pan Zhitao is a renowned dance educator and key contributor to the institutionalization of Chinese folk and ethnic dance. Professor Pan spent most of his professional career as an instructor and administrator at the prestigious Beijing Dance Academy (BDA), where he founded the Chinese Folk Dance department and served as its dean for over 20 years. Today, he continues to serve as a faculty advisor in the master’s and doctoral programs at BDA. He was the principal director of the pre-opening performance at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, as well as the dance director for China’s 60th Anniversary Grand Musical. He also founded the “TaoLi Cup” national competition for Chinese dance in 1985.

著名的舞蹈教育家、中國民族民間舞蹈的奠基人之一。北京舞蹈學院學術委員會副主任,教授,碩士研究生導師。北京舞蹈學院中國民族舞系創始人。中國教育學會舞蹈教育專業委員會副理事長。1985年創辦「桃李杯」舞蹈比賽,其後3年舉行一屆,成為舞蹈界最體現人才培養、創作動向的賽事。連續七屆擔任CCTV電視舞蹈大賽的特邀點評嘉賓。 1987年在北京舞蹈學院創建中國民間舞系,並擔任首屆系主任。至1996年的11年中,參加創意並組織了《鄉舞鄉情》、《獻給俺爹娘》、參加亞運會閉幕式文藝表演、第七屆全運會開幕式《愛我中華》等大型舞蹈演出的創作及監制工作。北京2008奧運會開幕式,潘志濤教授成為策劃組成員之一,擔任開幕式前表演工作室主任。慶祝建國六十週年大型音樂舞蹈史詩《復興之路》舞蹈部主任。

HU, ER-DONG / 胡二冬

Professor Hu received his B.A. in Dance from Beijing Dance Academy’s conservatory program. He performed in Chinese traditional and folk dance forms and was the recipient of many awards at major Chinese dance competitions. He was honored a faculty position and taught Chinese traditional dance at Beijing Dance Academy for eight years. In 1985, he received an Outstanding Instructor Award for instructing student competitors in Chinese National Dance Competition – “The Peach & Plum Cup” given by the Chinese Dance Artists Association.

In 1986 He attended graduate school at University of Iowa Dance Department, his performance was aired on Iowa Public Television (PBS). In 1990 He also received outstanding Performer Achievement Award from Dance Magazine. After receiving his M.F.A. from the University of Iowa, Er-Dong joined Dayton Ballet and performed as a Principal Dancer for four years.

Mr, Hu joined Theater and Dance Department at Bucknell University as an assistant professor in 1994. Between 2001 and 2011, he worked as a Director of Dance Program. In 2013, he received Bucknell University “The Class of 1956 Lectureship” Award for his Inspirational of teaching. At the same year, he was promoted to a full professor position. In 2014, he was nominated the best Professor of US.

Professor Hu has taught nationally and internationally. He has set dance pieces at many institutions including Texas Christian University, University of Cincinnati, University of Georgia, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Mount Holyoke College, and the Chinese Arts High School in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. He has worked as a judge of American youth talent show on television in NYC.

著名舞蹈藝術家、教育家、Bucknell大學戲劇舞蹈系終身教授及舞蹈系主任。曾荣获杰出教授贡献奖,并提名全美国优秀教授。Dayton Ballet 首席舞者。畢業於北京舞蹈學院教育系中國古典舞專業,並留校于北京舞蹈學院大學部中國古典舞系任教多年。曾榮獲首屆桃李杯比賽傑出演員奬。並榮獲美國Dance  Magazine傑出表演奬(ACDA)。北京舞蹈學院中國古典舞糸客座教授。他曾被多所美国大学邀请教学及编舞创作。他的舞蹈作品曾被选入美国大学舞蹈节(ACDA)东部赛区的决赛。曾担任美国中文电视舞蹈大赛的评委。



TommyeFollowing a World Championship win in Blackpool England, Tommye traveled the world extensively to perform and coach in Asia, Europe South America and the USA.  A guest artist for heads of state, world-renowned dance companies Gus Giordano, River North Dance Company, Hubbard Street, The Joffrey Ballet, The Chicago Symphony, Atlantic City and Elgin Symphony Orchestras. Featured artist and expert commentator on television programs around the world: PBS’s Championship Ballroom Dancing, “America’s Ballroom Challenge,” Eurosport, ESPN, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, WGN, “Ballroom Blitz” on the TLC, and currently a spokesperson on social media outlets and FLOSports.com.

Tommye has coached dancers on “So You think you can Dance” “Dancing with the Stars” , an aerial coach for the last Two Olympic Gold Silver and Bronze Ice Dance Champions and the current World Champion Ice Dancers. She has choreographed for stage and screen. And currently travels weekly training teachers and students of all levels as a guest coach throughout the United States Outside of having a successful performance / dance career, Tommye’s entrepreneurial side has been as competition organizer of Chicago’s Crystal Ball, owned a two-location dance studio business- Chicago Dance, and a costume manufacturing business Trimsuits by Show-off. While owning the dance studio and competition businesses Tommye inspired dozens of teachers into full-time careers teaching sales, programming and certifying them thru DIVIDA. Presently the Artistic Director and Angel Investor for WindyCityWeddingDance.com.

5 NADTA Certifications, Former World and British Open Exhibition Ballroom Champion, Professional Rising Star Smooth Champion, National Pro/Am 9 Dance and Standard Champion. A member of dance companies with strong ballet training and stage/screen experiences. National DIVIDA Examiner, currently coaching, judging and consulting business in dance studios across the U.S.

Tommye 从小在妈妈的舞蹈学校中训练长大,在坚持26年芭蕾训练的同时,还学习了踢踏舞,爵士舞,体操,和baton twirling。


在黑池赢得世界冠军头衔后Tommye巡游世界各处,在亚洲、欧洲、南美洲和美国进行舞蹈表演与教学。Tommye多次受邀为国家领导人进行表演,并与世界著名艺术团一同演出,包括Gus Giordano舞团、River North Dance舞团、Hubbard Street舞团、Joffrey芭蕾舞团、芝加哥交响乐团、Atlantic City及Elgin交响乐团等,且长期作为主题艺术嘉宾及专家评委参加世界各地电视节目,如PBS的Championship Ballroom Dancing及America’s Ballroom Challenge,欧洲Eurosport体育频道,ESPN,ABC,CBS,NBC,FOX,WGN,TLC频道Ballroom Blitz等,多次指导“舞林争霸”和“与星共舞”节目中的舞者,还为近两届奥运会冰舞项目的冠、亚、季军及当今世界冰舞冠军担任空中动作教练。


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